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Individual exploration tours to Chernobyl Excusion Zone
• Tour programme is arranged individually, taking into account the wishes of the visitor, current orders of the ChEZ administration and weather conditions
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Duration: from 1 day
Tour programme is arranged individually, taking into account the wishes of the visitor, current orders of the ChEZ administration and weather conditions
07:30 – 07:45
07:30 – 07:45
Of the mini-group (from 1 person) near "Olimpiyska" underground station*. Meeting the tour guide, checking the documents, boarding the transport.
Departure from Kyiv
Estimated distance from gathering place to checkpoint is 115 km.
Arrival at "Dityatky" checkpoint.
Passing the border of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: checking the documents and tickets, receiving individual portable radiation storage devices, instruction on the safety rules.
с 10:00
с 10:00
Comprehensive excursion
Through the locations, which are the most interesting for the visitors, with photo stops and getting as close to various Zone objects as the safety regulations permit.
Lunch at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant canteen, or in a café in Chernobyl town (the lunch is ordered beforehand and the lunchtime is reserved in advance).
14:00 – 17:00
14:00 – 17:00
Continuation of the excursion, photo stops at various locations.
Transfer and allocation
transfer and allocation in one of the hotels in Chernobyl town, or departure from Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (for one-day tours).

Dosimetric radiological control is completed at "Leliv" and "Dityatki" checkpoints.
Arrival at Kyiv
Debussing at the meeting place.
* by prior arrangement, a transfer from the visitor's place of residence is possible, as well as a meeting at the railway station, at "Kyiv" and "Boryspil" airports, followed by the direct transfer to the ChEZ.
** the time hereinafter is indicated approximately
An individual visit
is an opportunity for a comfortable trip to the most interesting objects and locations of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, depending on your wishes, without rush and interference:
the monument sign "Chernobyl District"
entrance to the 30-kilometers zone:
"Dityatky" checkpoint
abandoned villages of Zalissya and Kopachi
observing the remained buildings – kindergarden, culture club in Zalissya village built in 1959 in the Stalinist empire style, once- dwelling houses and abandoned gardens
decontaminated Red Forest
where the Western radioactive trace was left from the first, the most powerful explosion from the 4th power unit
«The Bridge of Death»
the secret military town Chernobyl-2
the giant antennas of "DUGA" radiolocator
once intended for overseas tracking of the launch of ballistic
the city of Chernobyl
pedestrian tour; the Path of Memory, "Zirka Polyn" museum, exposition of equipment and robots involved in the accident relief operations, the monument "To Those, Who Saved the World"
other objects and locations
of the Zone according to the wishes of visitors.
the city of Pripyat
abandoned by its dwellers more than a quarter of a century ago: an amusement park with the famous Ferris wheel; a kindergarden and a school; Palace of Culture, city swimming pool and stadium; residential area; the first supermarket in the Soviet Union; militia (police) station building with pre-trial detention premises; City Executive Committee building – first accident relief operations headquarters; the river port; "Polissya" hotel, where was the observation post for adjusting helicopter operations over the destroyed 4th power unit; the hospital, which once hosted the first victims of the accident; fire fighting unit with its "techno-cemetery" of cars and other machinery, which were used in the process of the accident relief
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
power units 1, 2 and 3, as well as the new sheltering object "Arka" with its observation site; incompleted power units 5 and 6, as well as the huge structures of unfinished cooling towers; the memorial near the office building
The program of the visit can be changed depending on the length of daylight hours, weather conditions, and also if specially directed by the administration of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
Any more questions?
Please, ask for a callback and you'll get it in 30 minutes
The visitors should obligatory have
a passport and a printed ticket; drinking water; additionally, it is recommended to take your regular medication with you, as there are no pharmacies along the route; charged smartphone and camera, powerbanks; seasonal umbrella or raincoat; clothing: closed comfortable shoes, long-sleeved clothing and trousers are required at any time of the year
it is forbidden by the safety
regulations to come Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with animals of any kind
the use of alcohol during the tour is strictly prohibited
persons under the influence of alcohol / drugs, as well as with a hangover syndrome are not allowed to join the tour
sanitary stops
along the route are possible ONLY in specially equipped premises
! This tour is intended only for people over 18 years old !
For Ukrainian citizens and for citizens of other countries is calculated individually, taking into account the duration of the tour and additional options according to visitors' wishes.
The cost includes:
- transfer by a comfortable car
- insurance
- individual dosimeter
- food
- overnight stay(s) in one of the hotels in Chernobyl town
- the maximum allowed time in the Zone
- author's accompaniment by specially trained guides, incl. English speakers
- individual radiation storages for additional proof of visit safety
Comprehensive approach from tiderian.adventures gives you more than just an ordinary tour. Due to thorough selection of routes and location, based on personal experience and vision, the visit to ChEZ with tiderian.adventures promises unforgettable emotions.
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A specialist will call you back and answer your questions.
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